Robert Downey Jr’s next film will be…….

......Robert Downey jr prepares for his role as Tim Burton.......

With Robert Downey Jr about to pop up once again in his Iron Man guise in the new Spiderman film it seems that his next film film will be quite a departure as he is about to play the man who can talk to the animals, yes it’s Dr Doolittle with early pre-production in the UK already underway.

Syriana writer/director Stephen Gaghan is at the helm to direct from his own screenplay and the film feature a mixture of live-action and CGI.

The last big-screen adaptation of Hugh Lofting’s children’s books was in 1998 with Eddie Murphy in the title role followed by a sequel. The first screen incarnation was the classic original 1967 musical version of with Rex Harrison and it was a monumental flop effectively putting an end to his career as a leading man for the rest of his life. He’s also rumoured to have behaved appallingly on set to such a degree that cast & crew nicknamed him Tyrannasaurus Rex.

The film was beset with calamity, hardly surprising with all those live animals, and there’s currently a script about the making of the film doing the rounds of Hollywood.

Despite its critical mauling it still earned 9 Oscar nominations although this seems to have been because the studio mounted a massive PR campaign to get the film nominated.

Anyway here’s a clip of Robert Downy Jr storming out of an interview…….


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