Sherlock Gnomes – REVIEW

.......they were trapped in Gnome mans land!......(You're fired! -Ed)

Who doesn’t love a pun? Well OK most people and 2011’s Gnomeo and Juliet had its fair share but that film now has a somewhat belated sequel the equally pun-tastic Sherlock Gnomes which focuses again on the romantic duo now having moved to a new garden by their owners along with all the other garden gnomes. Voiced once again by James McAvoy (X-Men Apocalypse) and Emily Blunt (A Quiet Place) they are joined here by Johnny Depp as the master detective Sherlock Gnomes with Chiwetel Ejiofer as his trusty sidekick Dr Watson.

The film opens with the detecting duo defeating Moriarty (Jamie Demetriou) a demonically camp pie shaped marketing mascot. From the start Dr Watson is less than enamoured by Sherlock Gnomes dismissive attitude towards his contribution to the case but his loyalty to him has them once again out to solve the case of the mystery of London’s disappearing garden gnomes. The duo become soon become a quartet as they meet Gnomeo and Juliet and together the four set off to a soundtrack frequently littered with Elton John’s songs to find their missing friends. As Elton John’s production company have bank rolled the film its hardly surprising that his songs pop up throughout but it’s likely that now as a father himself he’s keen to be able to finance films that he can sit and watch with his own children which is no bad thing. At least it casts him in a better light than his infamous documentary Tiaras and Tantrums did some years ago, a film that he’s probably less than keen for his kids to see.

Sherlock Gnomes has attracted a cast of high profile names too which includes Mary J Blige (although we think Mary J Bilge would be more appropriate) Michael Caine, Dexter Fletcher, Ashley Jensen, Matt Lucas, Stephen Merchant,  Maggie Smith, Julie Walters, Richard Wilson and even Ozzy Osbourne!

sherlock gnomes

It’s a run of the mill story of the gnomes ultimately having to rescue their friends in peril and there’s a twist which any child can see a mile off. It will please little ones though who will in all likelihood not have been born when the first film was made and those that did see the first film will more likely be too old to want to see this now.  With Juliet as a strong independent female and a message that loyalty to your friends and partners is paramount (which might relight memories for children whose parents are now going through the inevitable recriminations of bitter divorcing parents).

Director John Stevenson who made the first Kung Fu Panda keeps things moving along nicely and at 86 minutes Sherlock Gnomes will keep the young ones quiet whilst you check your own garden gnomes are still in the garden.

Here’s the trailer…….

…….and here’s Elton John introducing the film at the premiere!



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