So how has the US film industry reacted to Trump’s presidential win…….?

.....he was very much enjoying his colon cleansing session......

With most of the US still reeling from Donald Trump now president elect of the US and the naval gazing about how did it happen (clue: more people voted for Trump than Clinton) many celebs have been vocal about his win.

Clinton drew huge amounts of financial backing from the industry contributions including Industry heavyweights to back Clinton’s campaign included senior figures from all six of Hollywood’s major studios.  Harvey Weinstein and a number of top talent agent executives were also donors as well as actors Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney. Vocal support came from Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Moore, Judd Apatow, George Takei, John Cleese, Guy Pearce amongst many others.

Whereas Trump drew support from…….um…..Stephen Baldwin, Steven Seagal, Kirstie Alley and Scott Baio.

If nothing else it did provide the sight of political heavyweight, cannabis caner and pop strumpet Miley Cyrus abandoning any dignity with her tearful YouTube plea which we provide for your entertainment here:



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