So is Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn to get a spin off movie…….?

0 was not the most private of dressing rooms.......

With Warner Bros hoping that their investment in Suicide Squad will pay off it seems that its budget of $175m was a worthwhile risk as its international box office return is currently running at just over $700m with still some time left for it to run in the cinemas before it hits dvd /Blu ray.

Probably being the most anticipated blockbuster of the Summer there was much speculation over which character would get their spin off movie and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was the obvious candidate and it seems that its likely to happen as the actress has just been appointed as the films executive producer.

Her own production company, Lucky Chap, (we’d love to know how that got its name) has another project lined up with Warners called, ‘Queen of the Air’ which is an adaptation of Dean N. Jensen’s book. But Robbie ,who developed the Harley Quinn project with another writer, reportedly brought the project forward four months ago and has signed an exclusive first-look producing deal with the studio.

It’s early days yet and no director or schedule has been released just yet but the characters iconic hot pants will return – which means that the Editor will use it as an excuse to dress up in character at the premiere. Frankly it’s like trying to stuff a tonne of sausages into an eggcup…….

(You can also see the whole cast introducing Suicide Squad at the London Premiere on our YouTube channel)


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