So what can we expect from Jurassic World 2…….?

......Jurassic World Eleven was still a long way off.....

It was inevitable that after the success of last years Jurassic World exceeded expectations a sequel would be on its way and it seems from a tweet by Chris Pratt that the script is ready and he’s just finished reading describing it as ,’So awesome!’.

Colin Trevorrow the director of the first and now producer of the second has gone online and been speaking about the sequel which is to be directed by J.A Bayona and the reason for his getting the gig is due, it seems, to his horror pedigree having made, ‘The Orphanage’ previously because the second film will lead heavily on scares with Trevorrow saying,’“It will be more suspenseful and scary. It’s just the way it’s designed; it’s the way the story plays out. I knew I wanted Bayona to direct it long before anyone ever heard that was a possibility, so the whole thing was just built around his skillset.”

It also appears that the next film may have ore practical animatronics than CGI with Trevorrow saying,’We’ll follow the same general rule as all of the films in the franchise, which is the animatronic dinosaurs are best used when standing still or moving at the hips or the neck. They can’t run or perform complex physical actions, and anything beyond that you go to animation’

He then went on to say, ‘I think the lack of animatronics in ‘Jurassic World’ had more to do with the physicality of the Indominus, the way the animal moved. It was very fast and fluid, it ran a lot, and needed to move its arms and legs and neck and tail all at once. It wasn’t a lumbering creature. We’ve written some opportunities for animatronics………I can definitely tell you that Bayona has the same priorities, he is all about going practical whenever possible’

The script for Jurassic World went through a whole slew of revisions and one thread that remained was the dinosaurs being weaponised but whether this would continue through the next film seems unlikely. ‘I liked it in theory as the pipe dream of a lunatic,’ said Trevorrow, ‘When that idea was first presented to me as part of an earlier script it was something that the character that ended up being Owen was for, that he supported, something that he was actively doing even at the beginning. Derek and I, one of our first reactions was ‘No if anyone’s gonna militarize raptors that’s what the bad guy does, he’s insane.’”

Expect the film in June 2018



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