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What went wrong with Solo?

Let’s make it clear from the start that we liked Solo as can be seen in our review here but with the film having...

Black Panther – REVIEW

Marvel’s Black Panther is a different beast from previous Marvel super heroes. It’s British counterpart, 'Albino Ferret', was a pale imitation being as it...

Black Panther – trailer

With the release of Thor:Ragnorok just around the corner Marvel are prepping audiences for their next film, 'Black Panther' their first black superhero film...

Martin Freeman to appear in which new Marvel film…….?

So Martin Freeman's movie career as well as his TV career goes from strength to strength and after appearing as as Everett K. Ross, first...

Captain America : Civil War – REVIEW

It’s still early in the year and the comic book carnage continues apace after the ‘Batman v Superman’ gloomy, doomy destruction it’s Marvels turn...