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Dan Aykroyd talks blackface in ‘Trading Places’….

One of the 1980's best comedies was Trading Places. Starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd that saw a wealthy investor (Aykroyd) character trading places...

My Stepmother is an Alien – BLU-RAY

The late seventies and early eighties especially had been good to Dan Aykroyd. Having moved into feature films from TV's Saturday Night Live he...

Zombieland Double Tap – TRAILER

Landing in our mailbox is the Zombieland Double Tap trailer and is another film to add to the delayed sequel file with the original...

A Ghostbusters prequel?

The saga of the Ghostbusters franchise is a long and tortuous one. With 1989's 'Ghostbusters II' not doing the expected business a third film...

Top Ten Ghostbuster mistakes……..

So much hate has been unjustly levelled at the new Ghostbusters film but the original was not so perfect either. Here's the top ten mistakes...