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Exorcist Believer facts you might not know…….

1973’s The Exorcist remains a mile stone in horror cinema winning two Oscars for script and sound and being the first horror film ever...

Exorcist Believer – REVIEW

It’s a bold move to make a sequel to what’s generally regarded as one of the greatest horror movies ever made and having recently...

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent – REVIEW

We’ve sat through some dreck in our time. Pallid sequels, dreadful star vehicles and let’s not forget the sheer unfettered hell of any invite...

The Exorcist – reboot or sequel?

Whilst The Exorcist is widely regarded as the greatest horror film ever made it spawned a number of sequels which included a catastrophically awful...

Halloween – REVIEW

So it’s been 40 years since John Carpenter’s Halloween became the most successful independent horror film ever up that point in time making $47m...

Halloween – TRAILER

So if we're not much mistaken Halloween is almost upon us either that or we're missing some pages from the office calendar. Anyway 1978...