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The Best and Worst films 2019 …….

So now that all the films for 2019 have been released its time for our annual review of the best and brain numbing worst...

Dumbo – REVIEW

The story of a big eared elephant clumping around trying not to fall over its ears turned out not to be the story of...


With Disney now making a fortune from live action versions of their animated classics they have just released their Dumbo trailer their fantastic 1941...

Ten things we know about the new ‘Dumbo’ live action film…….

Disney are continuing what has been a highly profitable run of filming live action versions of their animated hits with the recent version of...

Dumbo v Bad Boys 3…….

Those of you who might think that two lunatic, gun toting, law lurching, car crunching coppers would easily win against a big eared baby...