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The Creator – REVIEW

The news has been full of stories about the rise of AI and the concern in the rise of artificial intelligence none more so...

Eternals – REVIEW

With Marvel having had an extraordinary run of blockbusters we are now firmly in the era of their secondary superhero back catalogue and Eternals...

Raya and the Last Dragon – DISNEY+

Going by their recent slate, Disney have embraced the #TimesUp movement with a whole load of female led films and Raya and the Last...

Shia LaBeouf scandal

Actor Shia Lebeouf has not been without his issues that started to manifest many years ago when his mental health was publicly deteriorating but...

Mary Queen of Scots – REVIEW

Unlike Nicola Sturgeon, wannabe Queen of Scotland and leader of the SNP, Mary Queen of Scots was Queen of France at 16 and widowed...

Crazy Rich Asians – REVIEW

First impressions count, for instance, our Editor would be ideal casting to front a campaign warning women not to leave their drinks unattended...(‘You’re fired!’...