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Moonfall – TRAILER

Director Roland Emmerich, that master of disaster who helmed such movies as Independence Day,  2012 and The Day After Tomorrow, is back with another...

John Wick 3 : Parabellum – REVIEW

'I live with my mum, And my name is John Wick But when she tells me off, I’m deliberately sick And now all my friends, They think I’m a...

Sean Connery’s Best Bond film is…….

So with Danny Boyle now out of the mix to direct Bond 25 we thought we’d run an occasional series on the best Bond...

Career Ruining Movies – Part 2…….

As you all enjoyed our first career ruining movies piece we thought we'd do another batch of movies that ruined perfectly decent careers Halle...

Kingsman 2 will co -star….WHOOOOOO?

With Matthew Vaughan's Kingsman making over $350m worldwide a sequel was inevitable and is already being filmed even as we speak. It's still starring...