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Halloween continues …….

After thirteen films where the last film saw masked maniac Michael Myers die and the films title Halloween Ends suggesting the end of the...

James Jude Courtney talks Michael Myers in Halloween Ends

Since the 2018 reboot of Halloween James Jude Courtney has played The Shape aka Michael Myers in the recent trilogy helmed by director David...

Halloween – REVIEW

So it’s been 40 years since John Carpenter’s Halloween became the most successful independent horror film ever up that point in time making $47m...

Halloween – TRAILER

So if we're not much mistaken Halloween is almost upon us either that or we're missing some pages from the office calendar. Anyway 1978...

Will John Carpenter ever direct again…….?

John Carpenter has directed some of our favourite horror films with 'The Thing' being one of his best and 'Halloween' having been such a...

Halloween returns ……..again

Modern day horror maestros Blumhouse Porductions are to takeover the Halloween franchise but the good news is that its original director John Carpenter is...