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U-571 – 4K UHD & BLU-RAY

Jonathan Mostow’s thriller ‘U-571’ (2000) was the story of a team of U.S. soldiers  sent on a mission to sneak aboard a disabled German...

The Irishman – REVIEW

It will be a relief to subscribers to our YouTube channel that The Irishman is not about the A-list film star who has presented...

Apocalypse Now Final Cut – BLU RAY, DVD & UHD

When a director says, ‘My film is not about Vietnam, it IS Vietnam’ it smacks of pretension and a lack of self awareness yet...

Lies We Tell – REVIEW

Of course you look great in that dress!’, ‘I’m never drinking again!’ & ‘No, that wasn’t me coming out of the STD clinic!’ are...

Isle of Dogs – TRAILER

The animation market seems to be taken over by Pixar films but this years CARS 3 was a disappointment by anyone's standards and we've...