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The Irishman – REVIEW

It will be a relief to subscribers to our YouTube channel that The Irishman is not about the A-list film star who has presented...

Is Scorsese’s new film, ‘The Irishman’ going way over budget?

With Martin Scorsese’s long gestating project 'Silence' released at the end of 2016 hopes were high for Oscars. It won none and only made...

Will there finally be a Lethal Weapon 5…….?

With Mel Gibson seemingly having served his time as a Hollywood outcast for quite some years it seems that bit by bit he's being...

Robert De Niro : Dirty Grandpa vs Raging Bull

With Robert DeNiro’s recent ‘comedy’  'Dirty Grandpa' coming out on dvd after some unanimously  damning  reviews about the actor besmirching his own back catalogue...

A new Martin Scorcese movie…..

We love vintage Scorcese movies and always look forward to a new film from him.  His new film, 'Silence' (a title which forced the...