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The Elephant Man – BLU-RAY

That David Lynch, having stunned audiences with Eraserhead, would then go on to team up with Mel Brooks and make a black & white...

Laddie : The Man behind the Movies – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Whilst many will at least of heard of actor Alan Ladd there’s far less who will have heard of Alan Ladd Jr or 'Laddie'...

Carl Reiner – OBITUARY

It can’t be underplayed just how important a player Carl Reiner was in American comedy having been in turn writer, performer, director, producer. His...

Neil Simon – Obituary

Though primarily known for his theatre plays Neil Simon often adapted them for film most notably with 'The Odd Couple' starring Jack Lemmon and...

What does Mel Brooks have in common with Stanley Kubrick…….?

If nothing else its a good pub quiz question but along with Kubrick you an also add Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Sean Connery,...

Gene Wilder – Obituary

Willy Wonka has died. Or at least Gene Wilder, the actor who will be forever synonymous with the role he played over forty years...