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Brian Dennehy – OBITUARY

Brian Dennehy was a giant of American acting but he was actually of Irish heritage as his grandfather emigrated to the US in 1890....

Rambo Last Blood – TRAILER

So the Rambo Last Blood trailer has been released with its title book ending the final part of the franchise starting back in the...

Rambo trilogy – Dvd / Blu ray / 4K

‘And the Best Actor Oscar goes to Sylvester Stallone!’ With films like ‘Stop or My Mom will shoot!’, ‘Cobra’, ‘Over the Top’ and other...

The return of Rambo…….

With Stallone having won an Oscar nomination for his turn in 'Creed' there's been much talk about his other iconic character John Rambo who...

Will there be a RAMBO 5 ?

If you ever saw Rambo 4 back in 2008 you'll remember the final climactic scene of utter carnage as Stallone takes out a whole...