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Deaging DeNiro – The making of Scorsese’s, ‘The Irishman’…….

So with Scorsese’s The Irishman attracting universal acclaim there’s been much made about the technicalities of deaging DeNiro. It was the one major crucial issue...

Scorsese scraps his next film…….

With the release of Director Martin Scorsese's long cherished project, 'Silence' tlak now turns to what his next film will be which is another...

Robert DeNiro talks about his work and Donald Trump…….

Who doesn't like Robert DeNiro? and although some of his choice of films over the past few years have been at best poor and...

Robert De Niro : Dirty Grandpa vs Raging Bull

With Robert DeNiro’s recent ‘comedy’  'Dirty Grandpa' coming out on dvd after some unanimously  damning  reviews about the actor besmirching his own back catalogue...

Here’s a Scorsese movie to get really excited about……..

Here at Cannes there's been the usual flurry of deals but the on we're really interested in is one by STX Entertainment, a really...

January 29th 2016 releases

13 HOURS In not quite his usual bombastic style Michael Bay recounts the story of 6 US soldiers in Libya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MBjAN7jqsQ YOUTH Just about every film starts with...