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Ferrari – REVIEW

Just the word ‘Ferrari’ conjures up glamour, opulence and luxury and it’s for that reason we are unlikely ever to get 'Mazda the movie'....

The Last Letter from your Lover – REVIEW

Films with such a title always cause a bit of commotion in the office when our Editor's secretary intercepted his correspondence and had to...

The Last Letter from your Lover – TRAILER

Landing in our inbox is The Last Letter from your Lover trailer which initially caused us a bit of concern because the last letter...

The Mauritanian – TRAILER

By any standard 2020 has been an odd year with cinemas and new releases being decimated by the Kung Flu pandemic. As a result...

Adrift – REVIEW

The sheer majesty yet undiluted terror that is the marauding torrent of torrential water known only as Hurricane…….Raymond. It’s another laughably named hurricane that...