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Expend4ables – REVIEW

Nine years after the last film we now have Expendables 4 or Expend4bles but without Jet Li, Terry Crews, Steve Austin and most famously...

Expend4bles – TRAILER

Starting back in 2010 The Expendables was a great idea to gather those old school action stars in some old school action and was...

The Expendables 4 cast is announced

Some while ago we reported HERE that Stallone may have been shouldered out of a fourth Expendables film but he seems to be back...

Stunts gone tragically wrong……..

With the tragic death of a stunt woman on 'Deadpool 2' and Tom Cruise injuring himself so badly that filming on 'Mission Impossible 6'...

Has Sylvester Stallone become Expendable…….?

Stallone has been a box office draw for most of his career with only the occassional hiccup ('Stop! or my Mom will shoot?' anyone)...