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Chicken Run Dawn of the Nugget – NETFLIX

After several disappointing films Aardman Animations return to their first feature length animated film Chicken Run twenty three years later with belated sequel Chicken...

Shazam Fury of the Gods – REVIEW

With its release a little delayed Shazam Fury of the Gods marks the end of the old DC universe and helms the start of...

American Underdog – TRAILER

Though he had a huge hit with the release of comic book superhero Shazam! we now get to see a more serious dramatic side...

The Mauritanian – TRAILER

By any standard 2020 has been an odd year with cinemas and new releases being decimated by the Kung Flu pandemic. As a result...

Shazam – REVIEW

Now we find the boyband, now man band, Take That inoffensive enough but when we were in infants school which was quite some time...