Tarantino scraps his final film……

Tarantino scraps his final film......

The revered writer director has been resolute in his desire to make only ten films before he retires but news has broken that Tarantino scraps his final film.

That tenth film would have been, The Movie Critic”  but sources say he won’t be looking to rewrite the script or even revive the project as he did with The Hateful Eight when the script was leaked, instead he will making plans to move on to something new. The film was progressing quite quickly until the director had a change of mind having already secured a $20million tax subsidy from the state of California. Sources close to the director said he changed his mind and is going back to the drawing board to figure out what that final movie will be.

The film was rumoured to be set in 1977 and was about a small-time movie critic (obviously) who wrote smart reviews for a porn magazine and that Brad Pitt would play some form of his “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” character Cliff Booth, who in Tarantino’s novelization of the feature was a big movie buff.

The inspiration goes back to a job Tarantino had as a teen, loading porn magazines into a vending machine and emptying quarters out of the cash dispenser. “All the other stuff was too skanky to read, but then there was this porno rag that had a really interesting movie page,” he told Bamigboye. There was one critic in particular Tarantino liked, who wrote snarky and smart as the second-string critic.

It was believed that many cast members from his past films might take part  and that Sony were preparing to make the film.

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