The Hatton Garden Job…….

......they all knew who had just passed wind.......

Back in April 2014 the headlines were full of the news about THE HATTON GARDEN JOB, based on the extraordinary robbery of £14m worth of jewels from London’s Hatton Garden Vault by seasoned thieves. The Editor was horrified……..only because they had taken a 50 year malt whiskey from his safebox that he had put aside for Christmas.

That aside filming has just begun on a film about the robbery called THE HATTON GARDEN JOB and will be the first feature film to catalogue the remarkable burglary which is set for a release later this year.

The cast is headed up by The Imitation Game and Downton Abbey star Matthew Goode and Joely Richardson (The Patriot, TV’s Nip Tuck), whilst the ringleaders of the robbery will be played by TV favourite Larry Lamb (TV’s Gavin & Stacey, Eastenders) as Brian Reader, Stephen Moyer (TV’s True Blood), Phil Daniels (Quadrophenia), David Calder (Rush, Lady in the Van) and Clive Russell (Sherlock Holmes, TV’s Game of Thrones). Presenter/actress Sarah-Jane Crawford (TV’s The X-Factor) and Mark Harris (Offender, Abducted) round out the impressive cast.

With celebrated British filmmaker Ronnie Thompson, who has previously directed Tower Block, in the director’s chair, Thompson also penned the script alongside Lines & Bogdanovich.

Currently shooting on location in and around London, the film picks up with a mysterious thief, who is presented with an opportunity to take down the exclusive Hatton Garden Vault just days after leaving prison. It’s an old school job, requiring old school skills. With real life twists and turns as though written for a movie, ‘The Hatton Garden Job’ follows our convict recruiting a team of veteran British criminals all eager for one final chance at glory. Together they must stay ahead of the law, dodge hired mercenaries and make deals with the head of the Hungarian mafia.

We should have a trailer for this by the Autumn…


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