The Love Witch – trailer

0 was hard to believe that by day she was the cleaner......

Fans of kitsch 60’s films will be interested in this pastiche of everything from US soap operas to Russ Meyer films with the release of The Love Witch by Anna Biller (who directed, produced, wrote, edited, scored and designed every aspect), all done with a deft feminist bite.

Flair trousers, kipper ties and primary coloured clothing abound and frankly its like looking in the Editors clothes wardrobe (‘you’re fired!’ – Ed)

It’s the everyday story of a lovelorn young witch Elaine, a stunning Samantha Robinson who spends most of the film either in a state of undress or wearing a selection of lingerie from Ann Summers back catalogue. She uses spells and potions to bring her everlasting romantic happiness before finally meeting her dream man but Elaine’s desperation to be loved drives her to the brink of insanity and murder.

We saw it a little while ago and will post our review in week of release meanwhile here’s the trailer…….


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