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If you ever go to LA be sure to go and see the Queen Mary docked in the bay over there. A classic ship it was decommissioned years ago but you can have dinner there, even stay in a room as well as go on tours of which the one about the ships ghosts are best. So it’s a wonder that its taken so long to make a film about the hauntings but now we have one with the arrival of The Queen Mary trailer.

Starring Alice Eve as she battles paranormal spirits in a supernatural horror mystery that has two families violently entangled when sailing aboard the real-life ocean liner on Halloween night in 1938 and the present day. As Erin, played by Eve, and husband Patrick (Joel Fry) board the infamous ship with their young son Lukas, played by Lenny Rush, their voyage comes to resemble, in mystery and violence, the experience of another family that sailed aboard the namesake ship in 1938. As Erin begins to see the haunted ghosts the ocean liner holds from its dark past, she and her husband realize there’s only one way out for them — into the ship’s depths where violent secrets are revealed.

also stars Nell Hudson, William Shockley and Lenny Rush, and is directed by Gary Shore who had great success with 2014’s Dracula Untold. Shooting of the film took place aboard the actual Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. The transatlantic liner has a history of visitors reporting seeing ghosts and visions in its rooms and on its decks.

The film is set for release on August 18, 2023. It will be released in a handful of theaters and on demand the same day.

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Here’s The Queen Mary trailer…..


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