The return of Rambo…….

.......Rambo's back. Coming soon Rambo's front.......

With Stallone having won an Oscar nomination for his turn in ‘Creed’ there’s been much talk about his other iconic character John Rambo who started off in the excellent sombre and reflective ‘First Blood’ before going ballistic in the gung-ho sequel Rambo:First Blood Part II then popping up again in the disappointing third film before the bullet strewn blood fest that was the fourth film.

So is the 70 year old actor going to star in a fifth film? Well the short answer would seem to be, No, but there is going to be another Rambo film which is rebooting the franchise courtesy of Brooks McLaren (“Line of Sight”) who writing the script and Ariel Vromen (“The Iceman,” “Criminal”) who will direct the film. Nothing is known about the plot except that’s more likely to be in the vein of the Reagan era second film with a younger actor in the role of John Rambo.

Rumours that Stallone was going to appear in a wheelchair shouting out the catchphrase, ‘Don’t push me!’ remain unfounded.

Here’s a reminder of the second film, ‘Rambo: Frst Blood Part II’ which was co written by James Cameron…..



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