Those ‘Alien Covenant’ scenes we saw…….


We were lucky enough to be invited along to see some scenes from the forthcoming ‘Alien Covenant’ recently and frankly we couldn’t get to the screening quick enough.

The scenes have also played at the SXSW film festival too and we’ve been wrestling with our selves about how much to tell you because the three scenes that we saw, especially the 2nd and 3rd scene, give away major spoilers when taking the trailers into consideration.

So we thought we’d tell you about the three scenes but have tried our best not to spoil the film by giving  too much away. So here’s what we saw…….

First scene is the mothership flying towards a planet which seems to have a load of bad weather with lightening flashes etc. There’s a load of banter between the crew mainly between Danny McBride and I think Katherine Waterson calling each other ’sugar tits’ and ‘sugar dick’.

The second scene has two sets of teams in different locations. One pair has an injured member struggling back to the ship being helped by another person and get to the medical bay where they seem to be immediately quarantined. From here we see things go awry very quickly and very bloodily.  From this sequence it seems that Ridley Scott’s promise to up the horror has been kept because by the end of it there is copious amounts of blood all over the floor.

The third scene is a discussion of the evolution of the aliens themselves as explained by one character and this too features some scintillating shots of how this has evolved and for one character it all ends in rather grimly.

I know we will probably be criticized for not giving more away but that would be to include major spoilers and we were totally stoked to want to see the rest of the film having seen these few scenes.

Some of the scenes were very bloody and gory and there were hints as to Noomi Rapace’s Shaw possible role in the story.  The film looked stunning and was very much in the lighting style of the first film with aliens emerging from places we haven’t seen them birthed from before but it was a great tease for the film and frankly we just can’t wait to see it.


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