Those Shazam costumes upgrades….


With the sequel to the 2019 Shazam origin story the sequel has ramped things up with bigger set pieces, locations and special effects. And of course the costumes of the Shazamily have been tweaked slightly and then there’s The Goddesses which are all new. For all those hard core DC fans here’s a few facts about the updates made to those new costumes and the changes made to them as well as the new outfits for The Goddesses too…

  • The Super Hero suits underwent major texture and fit updates, all done to streamline the suits:
  • The short cape and hood were replaced with a sleek, longer cape, which allows for a zipper, helping to cut down on the time required to dress each actor.
  • The lightning bolt is no longer a bulky battery pack mechanism—the bolt was sculpted to fit the contours of the body and aided in post via CGI. Gauntlets, belts, and shoes were contoured to each actor.
  • Muscle enhancements were updated to be more breathable.
  • Super Hero Mary’s costume was the biggest departure of the bunch: inspired by additional source material, a collar and skirt were added.
  • The Wizard Updates The Wizard’s robe was painted with over 14 colours and then “ombre’d” multiple times, even showing bands of green, and overall adding to the deep texture incorporated for the character.
  • The Goddesses (Hespera, Kaylpso & Anthea) An entirely new build, the illustrations submitted to Onyx took five months to complete. The actors were scanned and then the production of the costume was underway. In order to give the costumes a hand-stamped leather look, they used urethane, which allowed for easy repairs and consistency, a consideration whenever multiples of the same costume are required. The team also utilized 3D printing to give added definition and texture to the bodices and skirts.

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