Til Death Do Us Part - a woman scorned kicks ass!

We have always wanted to ask the three times married, three time divorced plastic surgery enthusiast Katie Price, ‘What’s the secret of a successful marriage?’ She should surely know having frequently worn a virginal white wedding dress ( How she’s avoided being prosecuted for fraud is anyone’s guess)  and been taken up the aisle numerous times or so her very public private life would suggest. So Til Death Do Us Part takes the oft repeated wedding vow as its title and sees the Bride (Natalie Burn) grow increasingly uneasy at the alter when she finally flits off before the service begins and hides out at mansion sized log cabin. It is not long before the grooms best man and ushers show up at the cabin with murder on their mind. The seven ushers all have the standard tropes for the sidekicks who are just lining up to get bumped off. So we have stereotypical muscle mountain, stereotypical angry black man, stereotypical kung fu oriental man and the only non trope sidekick is a dwarf ……who is not happy….he’s grumpy…. maybe because his nick name is inexplicably T-bone.

From the start it’s not clear why their wedding nuptials have come to this and a number of flashback’s see the once loved up couple on holiday where their PDA are noted by another couple played by Jason Patric & Nicole Arlyn and he’s clearly a shady character signified by the fact that he’s…well he’s always wearing shades even when he’s indoors. Either shady or he’s blind. It’s never wholly revealed what their newly acquired ‘friendship’ is leading to and yet it is key to the mayhem back at the cabin where the ushers are now doing their best to kill the bride and failing disastrously with two of the deaths being spectacularly gruesome. But it’s a fatal bit of script structuring that initially conceals just why the ushers are trying to kill the bride implying that they’ve taking her jilting their friend to heart a little bit too personally. But that the seven are nearly all uniformly obnoxious their deaths can’t come soon enough none more so that the best man who croons along to songs on the record player and dances around as the ushers go looking for the bride in the cabin.

Natalie Burn is fine as the bride with a special set of skills that successfully sees off the men suggesting that she’s developed that set of skills having found herself at numerous weddings where Boris Johnson has tried it on with her once too often.  Til Death Do Us  Part fatally loses pace in the third act having already struggled to maintain momentum after the disruption of the flashbacks. The action is flatly handled with the only stand out set piece being one that involves a dwarf tied to a chair facing off to the bride with a chainsaw. Ultimately Til Death us do Part is something of a home invasion movie which when done well are huge fun whether they be Home Alone or ‘Violent Night’ but this misses its opportunity and for better or worse, richer or poorer it veers mostly to the latter in those choices.

We spoke to Natalie Burn about the making of the film, that TV sitcom of the same name and chainsawing dwarves!

Here’s the trailer for Til Death Do Us Part …

Til Death Do Us Part is on digital from Monday 15th April 2024 (Plaoin Pictures)


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