Tom Holland IS Fred Astaire….

Tom Holland IS Fred Astaire....more news here

Back in Autumn 2023 we got to meet the very talented writer -director Paul King who had helmed the first two Paddington films to much acclaim before making Wonka which has made over $600m to date. Well his next film is to about about the song and dance legend Fred Astaire. King’s name has been attached for a while to a biopic for some time and what we do know casting wise is that Tom Holland IS Fred Astaire

Considered the “greatest popular music dancer of all time” with a career spanning over seventy years including more than 10 Broadway and West End musicals and 31 musical films Astaire was an actor,  a dancer, a choreographer and a singer. During a recent interview King has said that he is still in  the scripting stage with co-writer Lee Hall (whose credits include Rocketman) saying…

We’re working on a script right now. I’m working on a script with Lee Hall, who’s a great, great, great writer, a great screenwriter. And he’s incredibly well versed in the era and he’s historically, incredibly knowledgeable as well. Clearly, he knows his dance inside and out. So, I’ve been working with him and learning a huge amount. But again, it’s like we’re trying to find the story in the script and hopefully something will happen. But, we’ll see.

Tom Holland started off in musical himself at the age of 15 in the West End production of “Billy Elliot The Musical” so Tom Holland Fred Astaire is ideal casting and at present he is about to return to the stage  in “Romeo & Juliet”.

Producing the Astaire biopic will be Amy Pascal, Rachael O’Conner, Ben Holden, and Josh Hyams

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