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Whilst Steven Seagal has seemingly spent the last decade doubling his own body weight and cosying up to Putin its worth remembering that he did make some decent films with actioners such as Nico before hitting box office gold with 1992’s ‘Under Siege’ dubbed ‘Die Hard on A Boat’. Earning a respectable $156m it was Seagal’s biggest hit and forced the Die hard franchise to abandon its intended third film from being set on a boat to being a New York set bomber on the loose fest. Well almost inevitably there’s to an Under Siege remake on the horizon and its well into development at Warner brothers.

Directing will be Timo Tjahjanto (“The Night Comes for Us”) from a script by Umair Aleem (“Kate”), Both are relative unknowns and their Under Siege remake is expected to premiere as an HBO Max original feature.

Under Siege remake -Steven Seagal's 1992 hit gets a make over

The 1992 original saw Seagal somewhat improbably as ex-Navy Seal turned cook who ends up trying to stop a group of terrorists (led by Tommy Lee Jones) from taking control of a U.S. battleship. Seagal was good in the role and was ably supported by a barking mad Gary Busey and of course Erika Eleniak – and frankly what teenager could forget her coming out of that cake – the stuff of GIF’s. the films success spawned a 1995 sequel set on a train which still earned a respectable $104m but after that the franchise came to an end and Seagal’s films began to nose dive in quality. Frankly why he never took a role in The Expendables is inexplicable.

Before the Under Siege happens director Tjahjanto is reported to be directing another remake, this time the very good Korean zombie hit “Train to Busan” (read our review of the original HERE and the sequel HERE) which James Wan is producing

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