Upgraded – TRAILER

Upgraded trailer - a rom-com in London

When we received the email marked ‘Upgraded’ we were anticipating flying 1st Class in our upcoming flight rather than stowing away in the cargo on an economy ticket. But the email contained the Upgraded trailer, a new rom-com starring Camila Mendes, Archie Renaux with with Lena Olin and Marisa Tomei

Ana (Camila Mendes) is an ambitious intern dreaming of a career in the art world while trying to impress her demanding boss Claire (Marisa Tomei). When she’s upgraded to first class on a work trip, she meets handsome Will (Archie Renaux), who mistakes Ana for her boss– a white lie that sets off a glamorous chain of events, romance and opportunity, until her fib threatens to surface.

With what looks like shades of ‘The Devil wears Prada’ this looks good fun and we always enjoy Hollywood’s version of London where Buckingham palace is just across the road from Big Ben and is next door to Wimbledon tennis courts

Streaming Globally on Prime Video from 9th February 2024

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Here’s the Upgraded trailer…..


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