We have a new Han Solo……

.....the armourer on Star Wars despaired.......

Finally it’s been announced that the actor to play the new young Han Solo in the Star Wars prequels will be…….

Alden Ehrenreich …….and no, we have no idea how to pronounce his name either!!

Plot details for the movie are wraps but rumours are that it focus on Han Solo’s days before joining the Rebel Alliance. The standalone movie will be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and is rumoured to be titled, ‘Han Solo: A Star Wars Story’.

Alden Ehrenreich made his feature film debut in Francis Ford Coppola’s independent film ‘Tetro’ (2009). The actor also appeared in Woody Allen’s ‘Blue Jasmine’ and Park Chan-wook’s ‘Stoker’. In 2016, Ehrenreich starred as Hobie Doyle in the Coen brothers comedy ‘Hail, Caesar’.

Rumours also suggest that the actor could potentially show up as Han Solo in ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, which is set shortly before the events of A New Hope. The movie story will centre on a group of Rebel spies on a mission to steal the plans for the Galactic Empire’s new weapon, the Death Star.

Further rumours that a young Chewbacca will be played by Warwick Davis wearing a giant wig remain unfounded.

Here he is in out favourite scene from the recent ‘Hail Caesar!’:


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