What children’s book is about to be filmed for the first time…….

...the bird had fallen head first into a pot of red paint......

There seems to be few children’s books these days that haven’t been optioned and filmed by the major studios although the one that does seem to have escaped a full on major movie makeover are Beatriz Potter’s children’s books and this year is the 150th anniversary of her birth.

Frederick Warne & Co. part of Penguin Random have been the publisher of her books since 1902 when The Tale of Peter Rabbit came out and are teaming with Columbia pictures to make a live-action-CG feature based on her books and will feature the voice of James Corden in the lead joined by Rose Byrne, Daisy Ridley and Elizabeth Debicki to do the voices.

The film will be made at Sydney-based Animal Logic, the animation and visual effects studio, and Will Gluck will direct – not an obvious choice when you consider his previous films have included,’Easy A’, ‘Friends with Benefits’ & the recent remake of ‘Annie’ and he’s been revising the script that Rob Lieber has written.

Production on Peter Rabbit starts in January 2017 in time for an April 2018 worldwide release.

Please don’t let this be an updating because if its about rabbits some numb nut studio exec is going to suggest that we see a warren of them rutting away……..barf!




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