What does Mel Brooks have in common with Stanley Kubrick…….?

.......he loved showing off his chocolate coin collection.......

If nothing else its a good pub quiz question but along with Kubrick you an also add Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Sean Connery, Elizabeth Taylor, Anthony Hopkins, Laurence Olivier and Sidney Poitier.

The answer is that they have all been awarded the Fellowship of BAFTA which is the highest honour the academy can bestow which recognises an outstanding and exceptional contribution to film, television or games.

The BAFTA’s are this Sunday and he’ll be presented the honour by The Duke Of Cambridge.

Ahother pub quiz question is that he is one of only 12 people to have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony Award.

In typically irreverent style Mel Brooks said: “I am not overwhelmed, but I am definitely whelmed by this singular honour. To be included among such iconic talents is absolutely humbling. In choosing me for the 2017 Fellowship I think that BAFTA has made a strangely surprising yet ultimately wise decision.”

Brooks will be 91 years old this year and understandably has not written and directed a film since 1995’s underwhelming ‘Dracula:Dead and loving it’ but he has made Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, The Producers and was ahead of bad taste gags laying the path for the likes of Zucker/Abrahams films and the Farrelly Brothers.



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