What we know about John Wick’s appearance in Ballerina spin off film…


With John Wick Chapter 4 proving a critical and commercial success attention has turned to the future of the character and an unintended fifth film is now back on the cards there’s talk of him cropping up in a spin off film. So here’s what we know about John Wick’s appearance in Ballerina spin off film….

Directed by Len Wiseman the title role is to be played by Ana de Armas (who was previously portrayed by Unity Phelan) and alongside her will also be Anjelica Huston as The Director from the third film as well as Ina McShane and the the late Lance Reddick in his last role before he recently passed away. But what of Keanu ?

Co-writer Shay Hatten has spoken about John Wick’s appearance in Ballerina spin off film. It seems that Keanu was on set fro a week filming his scenes although one of the films producers has called the addition of the John Wick character as a “last minute adds” but will nine the less be an extensive role.

Hatten revealed, ‘it’s not just kind of a one-piece cameo…. the only reason we set it between three and four was because it felt like there was kind of a cool window of time for John there, because at the end of the third movie, he’s been shot off the roof. He’s really kind of beaten up, and then he recuperates in the Bowery King’s basement. And by the time the fourth movie starts, he’s healed. He’s on a different side of the world. And we just thought, “Okay, how did he get from point A to point B? What happened in that little time window?” So it just seemed like a really kind of natural way to fit him in and have him interact with this other character’s story during that window.’ 

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