Who is the Prey predator?


It’s hard to imagine that one of cinemas iconic monsters the Predator was originally played by kickboxing Belgian Jean Claude Van Damme before production decided to give his version, which looked like a malignant prawn, the boot (read about it HERE) and in came the immense Kevin Peter Hall making the role his own and carried on to the sequel too until tragically passing away in 1991. Predators (2010), Robert Rodriguez spin on the movie monster, saw a number of actors play a clan of the iconic monsters’. The Alien v Predator spin off saw the UK’s very own Ian Whyte doing an admirable job playing the role. And then Shane Black’s much anticipated ‘The Predator’ saw  Brian A Prince take over the role in what turned out to be an immensely disappointing film

To inhabit the costume for fifth film Prey, the filmmakers found their Predator in former professional basketball player turned actor Dane DiLiegro. He was an enormous, menacing figure in the costume with his 6’9”, 245 lbs. frame, although out of costume, he wasn’t just the guy wearing the suit. DiLiegro loves filmmaking and storytelling and actively shared ideas of the creature’s back story, intelligence, and even emotions the alien experienced, adding more character and depth to the Predator

Who is the Prey Predator? - we take a look behind the mask....The ultimate adversary, and one of the fiercest hunters in the universe, it has high-tech weaponry, cloaking, and heat-seeking abilities.  Director Dan Trachtenberg worked closely with StudioADI founders Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis, to create the Predator costume. StudioADI is an Academy Award®-winning character effects house that has designed, produced, and performed many memorable characters, including the previous Predators in the franchise.

While fans of the previous films may notice some similarities in the alien’s design, this costume is quite unique. Trachtenberg explains, “One of the things we wanted to do with the creature in this movie was make it look much more creature-like. I adore the design of the original Predator, and think that’s one of the reasons why this franchise still exists, but I really wanted our Predator to feel much more alien and a little scarier.” Trachtenberg continues, “There was a very tricky balance in needing to make this movie feel like it is 300 years prior to the original, but also still feeling like it’s very technologically advanced. They devised this bone mask that feels more ancient and archaic and more brutal, but still interweaving organic and tact to feel cool and imposing.”

Because the design of this creature has especially captured fans’ imaginations since the 1987 film, there continues to be an eagerness to see it on screen again. Trachtenberg continues to explain the similarities and differences, saying, “The Predator still has his code of looking for the strongest threat, the most worthy opponent, but hunts with earlier versions of weapons we had seen before. He has the laser targeting, but instead of having the plasma cannon that explodes, he’s shooting these heat-seeking cross bolts. He has the E.N.D., the explosive net device, the net ball that he throws, the cut clamp, and the shield.”

Actor Amber Midthunder recalls seeing the Predator in costume for the first time on set, saying, “Truly the Predator is hard to look at. The first time I saw him, he was moving in the woods. I actually just walked up to him, and something happened to me. I was captured by the sight, but at the same time was trying to determine if I could kill him for real.”

For over three decades, the Predator has remained an icon for fans and movie-goers alike. According to Trachtenberg, “There are symbols in pop culture that stand the test of time, and there’s something about the initial design of that guy [Predator] that I think is just cool. It’s not merely meant to scare because it isn’t an animalistic creature…there’s a sentience there. The look of that creature with the helmet and the dreads already was awesome. Then when it takes that off and it’s got this whole other face, that really captured our imaginations. It was gross, but awesome at the same time. Some designs are just gross. This is gross and awesome.”

It’s been 35 years since “Predator” first captivated audiences, and now fans have a chance to see the Predator in action once again. Actor Amber Midthunder says, “This particular ‘Predator’ film is a unique entry to the franchise because we get to see the Predator in a different light. We’ve only ever seen him in modern stories. Just the same way that this is a period piece for Indigenous people, we see Indigenous people in urban ways because we’re living in urban times. Here, we get to see the Predator in an older and more traditional environment.”

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