Wile E Coyote vs ACME – The Movie……….


Part of the Looney Tunes raft of cartoon greats was the Road Runner, a blue bird that pelted down desolate empty roads in the American wilderness pursued for unknown reasons by a wily coyote named Wile E Coyote which inevitably ended in disaster for the poor animal. Anyone who’s seen the cartoons will know that the coyote would often use various devices and contraptions manufactured by ACME. The gadgets either failed or Wile E Coyote’s ideas were a disaster from their very inception.

The cartoons at times were surreal with some extremely left field ideas but always ended in Wile E Coyote sustaining injuries that would be terminal if not part of an animated cartoon.

wile e coyote acme products

Well we’ve had a whole raft of cartoons made into feature films. Some good (Paddington, Teen Titans Go To the Movies)  some not so good (Yogi Bear, Speed Racer) and some so awful that it was kinder to blind yourself than watch it any longer (Top Cat, Woody Woodpecker, The Adventures of Rocky & Bulwinkle, Mr Magoo, Popeye, Josie and the Pussycats…..the list just goes on and on) but now we’re going to get a road runner movie provisionally titled, ‘Coyote vs ACME’.

The film is to be written by Jon and Josh Silberman whose background is in animated TV series.  In a change form the normal Coyote chasing down the road runner it Coyote vs ACME will have Wile E Coyote put aside his lifelong pursuit to get his revenge on ACME – the company responsible for manufacturing the gadgets he used to catch the Road Runner. Wile E Coyote is out for some payback.

Wile E Coyote acme

Whether this will be fully animated or a mixture of animation and live-action is unknown.

Back in 2014 a road Runner movie was in development with Steve Carell to star and  centered on the ACME company itself but that’s now fallen by the wayside.


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