You ~!#&*?%”!~# slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

.......they both suddenly realised that there was no sugar in the tea.....

We had a spate of cockney swear fest films last year including ‘Rise of the Footsoldier 2’, ‘Rise of the Krays’ & inevitably ‘Fall of the Krays’.

Rise of the Footsoldier Part II was an enormous UK success selling more than 45,000 physical units in its first week of release, beating multi-million pound box-office releases including Sinister 2 and The Transporter:Refuelled and going on to win the best British movie at this year’s National Film Awards. In fact the film had almost eight words in the script that weren’t swear words!!! (You can see the director introduce the film at the premiere on our YouTube channel).

Rise and Fall Of The Krays sold more than 200,000 DVD’s and 200,000 digital transactions to date.

Sure enough their success has meant that both films will have sequels which start shooting this summer. Rise Of The Footsoldier: The Beginning will see the return of Craig Fairbrass (St. George’s Day) as Tate as well as Julian Gilbey (A Lonely Place To Die) who wrote and directed the original film as writer and producer. Zackary Adler (The Rise Of The Krays) will direct.

Krays And The Mafia, will chart the story of the East End twins’ hunt for vengeance after their business empire is rocked when a brutal murder leads them to suspect rival gang, The Richardson’s, are to blame. The film will see filmmakers Craig Tuohy and Zackary Adler and actors Simon Cotton and Kevin Leslie as the infamous East End twins all returning.

Expect to see in depth marxist dialectics about the nature of totalitarianism or failing that people swearing at the top of their voices before shooting each other. We think the latter is more likely………you “~*@!^/!#*’ slaaaaaaaaag!!! (What on earth is the matter with you, you *!”/&*~#% muppets!!! – now you’ve got me doing it! – Ed)


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