A new Martin Scorcese movie…..

.......the esteemed actor and director were debating whether to make a Chuckle Brothers film....

We love vintage Scorcese movies and always look forward to a new film from him.  His new film, ‘Silence’ (a title which forced the renaming of Pedro Almodavar’s same named film) about two Jesuit priests starring Liam Neeson is out in November in the US (no UK date fixed yet).

He’s got a load of other films which he is potentially lined up to direct next including projects with De Niro and Pacino and DiCaprio also in some stage of development.

The latest is a possible George Washington biopic called ‘The General’ (not the Buster Keaton one). This was to be a Darren Aronofsky film but he left it and the producers are trying to persuade Scorcese to take over the directing reins.

We’ve decided to have a go at writing some scenes ourselves with Joe Pesci as Benjamin Franklin and DeNiro as Patrick Henry. Here’s one……..


Scene is a field underneath a tree played by Jai Courtney. Franklin & Henry are deep in conversation:

Joe Pesci: A penny saved is penny earned. (notices Henry smiling). You think I’m funny? You think I’m here to $@!*~# amuse you, you @~#!&!

DeNiro: You talking to me? Are you talking to me? Cos I don’t see anyone else here!

They shoot each other

It’s not a very long scene admittedly but we think we’ve got to the core of their characters. (You’re fired – Ed)


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