The Addams Family – TRAILER


Landing on our desks is the all new Addams Family trailer but unlike the 1991 and 1993 live action version this is an animated version of Charles Addams’ series of cartoons about a peculiar, ghoulish family. Voices are provided by OSCAR ISAAC, CHARLIZE THERON, CHLOË GRACE MORETZ, FINN WOLFHARD, NICK KROLL with BETTE MIDLER and ALLISON JANNEY and the film is directed by CONRAD VERNON and GREG TIERNAN who were behind Sausage Party a couple of years ago but this promises to be far more family friendly.

The family started as a newspaper comic strip before being made into an iconic black and white TV series in the 60’s and in 1973 a poorly animated TV series appeared and disappear again.

the addams family trailer 2019

However the live action version in 1991 did incredibly well making $191m off a $30m budget but the sequel two years later fared less well. Whether a third film would have been made is unclear as Raul Julia passed away in 1994 but it had been perfectly cast with Angelica Huston and Christina Ricci. But in 1998 the film was rebooted with a new cast for a TV film that included Daryl Hannah , Tim Curry and Ed Begley Jr never to be seen again.

So now there’s another reboot with this Addams Family trailer which appears to play heavily on teenage girls and emo culture to great effect with Wednesday Addams seemingly at the centre of the ensuing mayhem which draws on the Frankenstein story too. In all we think this looks pretty good with what we’ve seen so far and it joins a wealth of other horror films that are being released around October and Halloween. Cue the iconic  theme tune and finger clicking!

Released in the USA on 19th October in the UK we get it on 25th October 2019

Here’s the Addams Family trailer…….


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