......when not acting Brad had a side line as an armed road crossing assistant.....

Director Robert Zemeckis last film, ‘The Walk’ bombed badly at the box office. Whether it was because audiences were sick of 3D (although it was a film very well suited to the medium) or because of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s ludicrous french accent that put Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau to shame or more likely because there was a much better documentary made of the true life incident it’s anyone’s guess but bottom line is that on a budget of $35m it only made $61m worldwide.

But he’s back now with a film that looks good if the trailer is anything to go by. Starring Brad Pitt (an actor that our Editor is never mistaken for) and Marion Cotillard the film is a romantic spy thriller where they play Max Vatan (Pitt) and Marianne Beausejour (Cotillard), two assassins who fall in love during a mission in Casablanca in 1942 to kill a German ambassador and whose future is thrown into tumult when secrets from their pasts cast doubts on their love for each other.

Opens in the US on 23rd November and in the UK on 25th November 2016.

Here’s the teaser trailer……


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