Anaconda remake……..

.......there was only going to be one winner in the 'how wide can you open your mouth' competition....

Whenever talk of snake movies come up our Editor can’t resist his trouser snake quip which thankfully comes to a swift end with a kick to the bollocks to disable the alleged snake.  Well anyone who remembers the 1997 film Anaconda will be pleased to know that Columbia Pictures is reportedly developing an Anaconda remake or at least a ‘reimagining’.  To that end the studio has hired Evan Daugherty (“Snow White and the Huntsman,” & “Tomb Raider”) to rework the script of the original film.

Whether the Anaconda remake will follow the template of the original which saw  a documentary film crew in the Amazon who come into contact with an obsessive Paraguayan hunter (Jon Voight) looking to find a legendary and huge anaconda snake. However all does not go well as the hunter has his own agenda and derails the expedition leaving the filmmakers having to combat the lunatic and psychotic hunter as well as a big ass snake that swallows humans whole…….and there’s one great scene where the snake vomits up one of the cast members in spectacularly gross style.

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Whether the Anaconda remake will have as a good a cast as the original remains to be seen as the 1997 version had Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson, and Jonathan Hyde and Jon Voight was splendidly hammy. The word is that the studio are keen to ‘eventize’ the film along the lines of The Meg a couple of years ago which took what was essentially a B-movie concept and ramped it up with the film going on to be a huge success and a sequel is now in pre-production.  Anaconda launched a franchise albeit with only one theatrical sequel and the three direct-to-home releases but an Anaconda remake should reboot the franchise with hopefully better and probably grosser effects.


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