Annabelle: Creation – TRAILER

.....she'd taken the instruction to, 'keep an eye out', a bit too literally.....

We’re getting a whole host of trailers coming through now in readiness for the Summer season and the latest is the sequel to ‘Annabelle’ the freaky looking doll from ‘The Conjuring’.

Avoiding the temptation to all it Annabelle 2 this is an origin sorry and they titled it ………..’Annabelle: Creation’. It’s directed by David F Sandberg who made last years super scar, ‘Lights Out’ which was also produced by James Wan the director behind The Conjuring, Saw & Insidious.

Our Deputy Editor interviewed David last year when ‘Lights Out ‘ was about to be released and he was extremely open about the tricks of his trade having made some superbly scary short films most of which are on YouTube.

Anyway here’s the trailer……


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