Bad Boys 4 directors talk THAT Will Smith slap joke…..

THAT Will Smith slap - - Bad Boys 4 directors tell all
.......they were both very bad boys as neither had tucked their shirts in......

With Bad Boys aka Bad Boys Ride or Die as its actually titled proved to be the first successful blockbuster of the summer talk has turned to several aspects of the film from the first person shooter scenes to THAT Will Smith slap joke. Belgian directing duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah spoke to industry trade paper Variety about the scene and said….

Fallah: Will is coming with this idea; he made this movie really personal. Will was really engaged from the first second that we started pre-production until the last day of the edit. When we were shooting that moment, the sun was going down and we were like, “We didn’t finish the scene,” so that was really almost a freestyle moment.

I heard there wasn’t rehearsal for the scene. It was that freestyle that you mentioned. So, on the page there was a slap and that turned into four or five?

Fallah: No, that was not on the page. That was in the moment.

El Arbi: That was on the spot. We just said, like, “Yeah, Martin, just go ahead. More, more.”

Were either of them nervous about it afterward?

Fallah: No. We all thought it was funny. That’s really what we were going for. We were not 100% sure how people would respond to it.

What did you make of the way the audience responded? Did it feel like they got the joke?

El Arbi: It felt like a big release, for some reason. Like there was some kind of tension and then a release, and the audience laughed and enjoyed that moment. You’re never 100% sure, up until you test it, how they’re gonna react. The fact that, in the test screenings, it was one of the biggest laughs you could have, we felt like, “Okay, we did the right thing.” It worked out, and it was important for that moment, for the movie and for Will.

…..and that’s the story behind THAT Will Smith slap!

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