Barbie beats The Avengers !

Barbie beats The Avengers

With Barbie performing beyond even earners wildest dreams and set to be the biggest grossing film of 2023 having surpassed “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” on $1.35 billion. But its been revealed that its not the only record it holds as Barbie beats The Avengers (2012) too…. at least at the US box office where The Avengers earned $623m whereas Barbie is currently on $626m and still counting making it the 11th biggest UIS domestic release.

But will it break into the Top Ten?  well at No 10 is  2015’s “Jurassic World” with $653 million followed by  “Titanic” at No. 9 with $674 million then  “Avengers: Infinity War” at No. 8 with $678 million, “Avatar: The Way of Water” at No. 7 with $684 million). None of these ticket sales were adjusted for inflation.

With Barbie currently on $1.418b and counting it makes it the 14th biggest international hit of all time trailing behind “Frozen II” on $1.453 billion and “Top Gun: Maverick” on $1.495 billion and became the highest-grossing movie directed solely by a woman (don’t know why that fact is relevant as it seems a little bit sexist to us!).

Barbie stayed at the No1 box office position for four weeks which is quite an achievement in the summer blockbuster season especially as it opened against ‘Oppenheimer’ itself currently on $912m and now the most successful biopic ever!

So Barbie beats the Avengers but potentially has an uphill struggle to get into the Top Ten but as we’re now into awards season talk is now turning to whether Barbie might be Oscar nominated which possibilities in the script and design department and maybe even for Ryan Gosling!

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