If you’ve ever had the misfortune to meet our Editors twins Damien & Adolf then you’ll now why the AnyGoodFilms team wish that the title of this new film from director Natalie Kennedy is what our Editor had been shooting (‘You’re fired!’– Ed). Instead the Blank trailer finds struggling author, Claire Rivers, signing up for a fully A.I. operated retreat to help her writer’s block, but when an unforeseen software glitch occurs, she gets trapped inside her unit with a malfunctioning android, a degenerating host and no communication with the outside world. As time is running out, food supplies getting desperately low and the android becoming increasingly unstable, Claire must overcome her fears and find a way to outsmart the technology in order to make it out of the retreat alive…
Set in the near future, the Blank trailer is a unique and unsettling sci-fi thriller beautifully blending tension and drama and draws upon a number of contemporary themes that interweave seamlessly, including the impact of developing technology such as Artificial Intelligence, and our increased reliance upon it as we become more and more hooked into the digital world.
The debut feature of award-winning director Natalie Kennedy (Down and Out), Blank has already earned acclaim and Best Picture wins at several international sci-fi and genre film festivals. Blank stars Heida Reed (Poldark), Rachel Shelley (The L Word) and popular American TV host Wayne Brady (Black Lightning).
Blank will be released in the UK later this year  
Here’s the Black trailer…..


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