Blockbuster releases delayed by the SAG strike?

Blockbuster releases delayed by the SAG strike?

With the SAG and WGA strike now in full effect the studios are looking at the effect it will have on their big budget productions and talk is now of blockbuster releases delayed. With so much riding on mega budgeted films the studios want their stars out there on the red carpet promoting as many of them are contractually obliged but the strike puts an end to all that at least certainly for the foreseeable future

First to confront the reality of this is Warners who have major films that are scheduled for release over the next six months the first of which would be Dune Part Two which is set for November 2023 and rumours are that this could be moved to 2024. But there are other productions whose release dates could be delayed. Those films include The Colour Purple remake and also Aquaman 2 (aka Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom) whose release has already been delayed by a year and has just recently completed its third set of reshoots. And then there’s 2023 big Christmas film ‘Wonka’ the prequel to the much loved Charlie and the Chocolate factory

Both Dune Part Two and The Colour Purple are being touted as possible Oscar contenders so moving their release dates would impact on any nominations for the ceremony which is on 10th March 2024.

They are obviously bot the only studios concerned about the impact of the strike on their film release dates. Disney’s ‘Wish’ and also The Marvels is set for November as is “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” and there’s also Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” and December sees a new Ghostbusters film.

It appears that the studios are digging in their heels about the demands from the writers and actors union and no one seems quite sure just how long the strike will last and the blockbuster releases delayed has also seen the ide raised of the studios modern classics being re-released for cinemas

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