Blood Father

....the door to door salesman was very persuasive.......

It’s pretty safe to say that if Mel Gibson had stayed off the sauce he wouldn’t be spouting some outrageous statements an would probably still be headlining films today. Unfortunately his all too public outbursts have kept him at arms lengths from the studios who are understandably a bit wary of him.

Which is a shame as he’s often been the best thing in films like ‘Machete Kills’ and his appearances in films are sporadic so please can someone write him a decent comeback script (calling Shane Black…….calling Shane Black).

His latest film is ‘Blood Father’ and has been in post production for almost a year. From the trailer it looks like he’s taking on a whole load of Hispanic drug dealing villains (still being racially stereotyped!!!) although the studio hasn’t cast the obligatory Mexican villain Danny Trejo for a change.

Film opens in the US on 12th August and in the UK 7th October.

Here’s the trailer:


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