Blue Beetle facts you didn’t know…..


Audiences are very much in an era of far less well known superheroes and their films and the release of Blue Beetle is one such case. So we thought we would bring you some Blue Beetle facts you didn’t know….

Blue Beetle first appeared in Mystery Men Comics #1 in 1939 as Dan Garrett, an archaeologist who found a magic scarab in an Egyptian ruin. Blue Beetle later morphed into a new character, brilliant inventor Ted Kord, created by Steve Ditko and first appearing in Captain Atom #83 (1966). As time passed, Blue Beetle morphed again, this time into our hero Jaime Reyes. First appearing in Infinite Crisis #3 in 2006 Jaime—created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers and Cully Hamner—is a college graduate with a closeknit Mexican American family living in El Paso, Texas.

For the movie—the first-ever live-action film to feature Blue Beetle—the filmmakers took the opportunity to create a new home for Jaime and his family: Palmera City, a bright and bustling urban sprawl with its own unique heartbeat, much like Metropolis and Central City (but with numerous nods to El Paso and a handful of Easter eggs for its fans and residents). Jaime is the first Reyes to graduate college—as another nod to canon, he attended in Gotham City— And for the intense action and fight sequences that take place throughout the film, director Ángel Manuel Soto and his team sought inspiration from another fan-favorite source: Blue Beetle’s epic moves in the videogame Injustice 2.

Some more Blue beetle facts you didn’t know about the real life suit in the film…..

  • The suit was in development for 9 months—the Scarab and Jaime as two entities that merge together as one, so the final suit had to reflect that
  • There were over 500 designs created before they locked in the final design
  • The suit came together via an amazing collaboration with Ironhead Studios in Los Angeles, CA
  • Every piece of the Blue Beetle suit is custom—the concept, digital designs, 3D printing, the fabrics and physical armour pieces—everything had to be created and all built for an exact fit that allowed star Xolo Maridueña to bring the character Blue Beetle to life
  • The suit was crafted out of latex, including hand-painted portions and printed material made of a four-way spandex—not too heavy, with perfectly positioned break points for easy movement
  • The fabric was designed to evoke an alien-derived pattern, with every element meticulously crafted to reflect the out-of-this-world nature of the Scarab’s alien biotechnology
  • The suit is made from alien biotechnology and is both armour and, in some ways, a skin
  • The suit is derived from the Scarab, a sentient being named Khaji-Da who symbiotically fuses with its host—in this case, Jaime Reyes
  • The suit is designed to protect its host, although it can behave unpredictably, too ● The suit can create any form of weapon the host can imagine A FEW ADDITIONAL MISCELLANEOUS FILM FACTS ● Uncle Rudy and Jenny Kord were created specifically for this film as they do not appear in the comic books.
  • Victoria Kord is a spin on Jarvis Kord from the comics.
  • Rudy’s favorite song is “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles.
  • Filmmakers use the word Ánimo to describe Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle’s quality of courage.
  • A street sign in Edge Keys is a shout out to El Paso, the original birthplace of Jaime Reyes in the DC canon.
  • Boxing gloves and books can be found within the Bug Lair, a nod to Ted Kord boxing

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