Brent is back……

2103 one knew why he'd drilled a hole in the back of the guitar as well.....

Ricky Gervais has said how much he admired the John Cleese for only doing two series of ‘Fawlty Towers’ and h himself did the same with ‘The Office’ & ‘Extras’. David Brent was always his most popular character to date and he has been unable to resist bringing him back for Comic Relief Specials and ‘Learn the guitar with David Brent’ on You Tube and now he’s gone the whole Wernham Hogg (see what we did there?) and made a feature length documentary with the character who is now a sales rep and wannabe rock star who’s cashed in his pension to follow his dream to tour with his band.

We’re big fans of Ricky Gervais especially when he hosts US award ceremonies and just wish they’d give him a shot at the Oscars whose TV ratings are on the slide almost every year.

Anyway here’s the trailer for the film which is out August 19th 2016 in the UK.


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